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Apple News in macOS Mojave

October 10, 2018

We did a quick video showing the changes to Apple News in iOS12 focusing on the addition of Apple News to macOS Mojave. Apple News remains one best content marketing channels and traffic drivers for brands and media companies.  SimpleFeed offers the leading turnkey publishing and analytics solution. Please let us know if you would like to get involved.


SimpleFeed adds Browser Notification Publishing and Analytics

September 21, 2018

Browser Notifications are starting to show real ROI so we added them as a supported channel. Given our deep experience in turning content into marketing programs, it was pretty easy to make some big improvements over typical Browser Notification implementations. First, we see lots of visitors hitting “Deny” as they play “whack-a-mole” with the various pop-ups (sign up for our email, we are available to chat, invasive ad, etc.) Once a prospect hits “Deny” they are lost forever. So SimpleFeed allows you to set scenarios on when to ask for an opt-in. For example, don’t ask a first-time visitor or don’t ask until they have viewed X pages. Next, we often see companies publishing everything they have to each and every prospect. With SimpleFeed you can use a preference center to allow the prospect to opt-in to the content of interest. Or you can select relevant content based on their browsing patterns. Using SimpleFeed manual publishing tools, you can create campaigns (or ads) relevant to the prospect’s interests. Of course, you will get SimpleFeed analytics showing content usage and effectiveness across your channels (mobile, social, web, etc.).

Browser Notifications remind me of the early days of RSS Feeds – a nice compromise for the customer/prospect and the marketer. The prospect can opt-in to relevant content without providing an email address or other personal information. Via the preference center the prospect gets relevant content and the marketer understands what content is of interest and converts into a lead/sale/visitor. It is a direct and owned channel not reliant on someone else’s mobile app or social network. We used to call it polite marketing and respectful marketing. We politely ask you give it a try.

SimpleFeed Screencast – Reach Customers Using the New Apple News in iOS10

September 15, 2016

With over 60 million active monthly users Apple News is a great place to syndicate your content. Newly enhanced in iOS10, Apple’s default news App (just swipe right) is more visual and relevant for users. Publishers and brands can now use push notifications for breaking news while content providers can offer subscriptions.

Below is a video review of the new Apple News App in iOS10, created in haste the day after the iOS10 launch. While it is a bit rough, it reviews marketing opportunities for Brands and Publishers as well as content integration options using RSS Feeds and Apple News Format. If you are looking to win in mobile notifications, be sure to watch the video below and learn more at

SimpleFeed Enhances its Enterprise Podcasting Publishing and Analytics Solution

March 29, 2016

Podcasts are not exactly a new idea. I wrote some of the original, and most widely linked to, blog posts explaining why they will be so important … in 2004.

A mere 12 years later those prediction proved right. High quality content and new directories have emerged. Bluetooth is always on in our cars and on our phones.  As a result, podcasting is successful for brands and media companies. So today we are happy to announce major enhancements to the Podcast Module of our Social Syndication Hub.

SimpleFeed has quietly managed podcasts for our enterprise customers for over 10 years. It was a simple product that created an RSS Feed for direct subscription and submission to iTunes. But with the explosive growth of podcasting, customers needed more – API publishing and analytics to support new directories and marketing opportunities to make their podcasts stand out.

We hope you will take a lookPodcast Full 2016-02-22_13-37-19.

SimpleFeed Screencast – Using SimpleFeed to Publish to Your Customer’s Slack Chanels

February 25, 2016

Today we launch another new SimpleFeed Feature, publishing to Slack Channels. With over 2 million active users primarily on mobile devices, Slack is a rapidly growing team collaboration solution.

With SimpleFeed your customers and prospects can select and add your content to their Slack Channels. They can also subscribe to your content and get a constant flow of content published to the Slack channels. Once in Slack it is easy to share, comment and forward to other team members. If you are looking to win in mobile notifications, be sure to watch the video below. You can learn more at



SimpleFeed Screencast – Using SimpleFeed to Publish to Your Customer’s Flipboard Magazines

February 9, 2016

Today we launch a new SimpleFeed Feature, publishing to Flipboard Magazines. With over 70 million active users primarily on mobile devices, Flipboard is a great place to reach your customers. If you are looking to win in mobile notifications, be sure to watch the video below.

SimpleFeed Screencast – Snapchat for Marketing

January 28, 2016

With over 100 million active users watching 6 billion videos daily, Snapchat is the content consumption app of choice for the younger generation. Watch our latest screencast to to learn how your company can connect with this audience.