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SimpleFeed adds Browser Notification Publishing and Analytics

September 21, 2018

Browser Notifications are starting to show real ROI so we added them as a supported channel. Given our deep experience in turning content into marketing programs, it was pretty easy to make some big improvements over typical Browser Notification implementations. First, we see lots of visitors hitting “Deny” as they play “whack-a-mole” with the various pop-ups (sign up for our email, we are available to chat, invasive ad, etc.) Once a prospect hits “Deny” they are lost forever. So SimpleFeed allows you to set scenarios on when to ask for an opt-in. For example, don’t ask a first-time visitor or don’t ask until they have viewed X pages. Next, we often see companies publishing everything they have to each and every prospect. With SimpleFeed you can use a preference center to allow the prospect to opt-in to the content of interest. Or you can select relevant content based on their browsing patterns. Using SimpleFeed manual publishing tools, you can create campaigns (or ads) relevant to the prospect’s interests. Of course, you will get SimpleFeed analytics showing content usage and effectiveness across your channels (mobile, social, web, etc.).

Browser Notifications remind me of the early days of RSS Feeds – a nice compromise for the customer/prospect and the marketer. The prospect can opt-in to relevant content without providing an email address or other personal information. Via the preference center the prospect gets relevant content and the marketer understands what content is of interest and converts into a lead/sale/visitor. It is a direct and owned channel not reliant on someone else’s mobile app or social network. We used to call it polite marketing and respectful marketing. We politely ask you give it a try.

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