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SimpleFeed Enhances its Enterprise Podcasting Publishing and Analytics Solution

March 29, 2016

Podcasts are not exactly a new idea. I wrote some of the original, and most widely linked to, blog posts explaining why they will be so important … in 2004.

A mere 12 years later those prediction proved right. High quality content and new directories have emerged. Bluetooth is always on in our cars and on our phones.  As a result, podcasting is successful for brands and media companies. So today we are happy to announce major enhancements to the Podcast Module of our Social Syndication Hub.

SimpleFeed has quietly managed podcasts for our enterprise customers for over 10 years. It was a simple product that created an RSS Feed for direct subscription and submission to iTunes. But with the explosive growth of podcasting, customers needed more – API publishing and analytics to support new directories and marketing opportunities to make their podcasts stand out.

We hope you will take a lookPodcast Full 2016-02-22_13-37-19.

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