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Two Upcoming Events on Social and Search

May 19, 2011

Search engine marketers used to be primarily concerned about their web site. Then they realized that syndicating content to other web sites improves search results. Now search marketers need to adapt to a new “off website” challenge – the rise of social networks. According to Nielsen, 23% of all time spent online in the US is spent in social networks.

This shift of time and attention is creating two big changes in the world of search. First, customers and prospects seeking results that are more “real-time” and/or influenced by trusted friends are increasingly searching inside social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Second, leading search engines such as Google and Bing are using users’ actions and relationships to rank search results. It is a dynamic area with major announcement from the search engines nearly every week.

Can you improve your search results by using social networks? Join SimpleFeed CEO Mark Carlson as he explores these topics in two coming events.

On June 1 at 9am PDT Mark will be on the “Online Marketing with RSS Ray” internet radio show on

On June 14th at 3:30 PDT Mark will be speaking at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exposition with Catherine Paschkewitz, Product Marketing Manager, HP Home & Home Office Store.

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