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SimpleFeed Screencast – SimpleFeed Adds Google+ Support

February 26, 2015

Today we are announcing that SimpleFeed added support for Google+ into our Social Syndication Hub. While Google+ may not have lived up its lofty expectations as a social network, adding Google+ has long been one of our customers top requests.


Why? Google+ is a major site for community engagement. Marketers can tap into those communities by publishing optimized content to their circles. Even more interesting is that Google puts that content into other Google products, such as Search and Maps. Depending on your business, your presence in those products may be more important than anything social networking related. That is why Google+ has a strong ROI relative to other social networks. The video below walks through some examples.


The Social Syndication Hub is an ideal solution for scaling campaigns on Google+. Most people have multiple Google identities which makes finding and publishing to a specific Google+ page difficult. It is also hard to determine what content will be successful as best practices are still evolving. That makes SimpleFeed’s predictive publishing, which suggests the ideal content to publish, a natural fit. For Channel Partners the SimpleFeed Social Syndication Hub is so easy to use, partners can be set up and publishing in less than one minute.


We will be adding more features to the Social Syndication Hub in coming quarters.

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