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Data In, Data Out

April 9, 2014

That is the title of new research from Forrester describing future trends in Social Relationship Platforms. The report begins by describing the rather sorry state of social media marketing – only half of marketers are satisfied with the value received from their Facebook and Twitter programs. Forrester finds four major problems – can measure, don’t know what to post, lack people resources and not getting help from vendors. As you can see in the chart from the report’s associated blog post, only 27% would recommend their vendor – a net promoter score of -16.


So what is the solution? In Forrester’s view the path to success is to use “Data In, Data Out, ”SRPs that best pull data into their platforms will innovate social publishing.” We could not agree more. SimpleFeed is please to be one of the six vendors sited as using “Data In, Data Out” models which they expect will “disrupt the entire social space.” The report describes how SimpleFeed helps marketers achieve engagement goals by automating content selection — dynamically publishing social posts that have worked for other affiliates in the past.


We refer to this Data In technology as Predictive Publishing. See the video in our blog post below for a deeper explanation. If you would like to increase your engagement and expand your social footprint, please let us know.

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