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Everyone is a Fan of an Offer

December 11, 2009

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle has a great article on Social Media and ecommerce. They reference a comScore survey that ended on Monday (and no one seems to be referencing) stating that 28% of shoppers are influenced by social media.  According to the article,

“6 percent were influenced by a friend’s status update on Facebook, while 3 percent said they followed the advice of a Twitter tweet. Also, 7 percent of the respondents joined a retailer’s Facebook fan page – and 5 percent began following a retailer on Twitter – to get special holiday offers and discounts.”

Small percentages to be sure, but keep in mind this is the pretty much the first holiday season that corporations has been able to participate in social networks.

If I am making a purchase of over $100, I find myself Fanning and Following a merchant hoping to get a discount. It’s faster and more effective than searching for a coupon code. It’s better for the retailer as well as they get potentially viral distribution for their content.

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