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Finally! “Save to” comes to iPad RSS Readers

August 31, 2011

Obviously we are enthusiastic about tablet apps as a marketing channel. Of the top ten free and paid iPad News Apps, six are primarily RSS aggregators. That is amazing given that it is nearly impossible to subscribe to specific content in these apps. Customer typically view your content through syncing with Google RSS Reader, which is not a user friendly experience.

Yesterday Pulse began breaking down this wall by adding a “Save to Pulse” bookmarklet. Best of all  it is really simple.









Drag and drop the bookmarklet from this page to your browser bar. When you find interesting content, click the button. Next time you fire up
Pulse, that article at the top of you content queue. Nice!


As the ReadWriteWeb points out, a bookmarklet approach to a challenge for consumer adoption. This feature is getting media attention because it is such a glaring need. An “Add to” button would put the onus on the publisher resulting in much easier adoption.

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